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Railroad Bracelet for the Seiko Navigator

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Of all of my bracelets to date, this one proved to be the biggest challenge. Not because it is particularly complex, but because of the finish of the 6117 models. They originally came with a high gloss, factory-polish which is evident when you find a pristine example. However, most of the models today have been battered around and lost that original polish. So, most models you will see tend to have almost a brushed look. The challenge for me was to decide which kind of finish my 6117 bracelet would have.

I decided to go with the heavy polished look because it matches the original factory polish. However, I think this might look kind of silly on a tattered model. Since it is so "blingy" and reflective, it might look out of place. My solution to this conundrum is to offer a version for both. (see last 3 pictures for comparison)

If you are familiar with the look and feel of the original Seiko railroad, this is a design similar to that. Just like the original, this bracelet is light and kind of rattly. Don't expect some heavy-duty, thick-linked bracelet, as it would be out of place on the 6117 (and make it imbalanced). Since it is not the most robust bracelet in terms of weight and the cost of materials, I have priced it accordingly.

Oh, and if you think the polish is too much bling, it doesn't take long before you will put enough desk diving scratches on there to give it some more character! :)

[PLEASE NOTE: The brushed version has polished end-links and beads. The main parts of the links are brushed]

Designed to fit: Seiko Models 6117-6419, 6117-6410, 6117-6400, 6117-6409

What's included

One bracelet, one pair of end-links, one pair of spring bars. 


  • Lug width to Buckle: 20mm / 16mm 
  • Length (mm): 160mm (not including end-links)
  • Min length after adjusted: 114mm 
  • Buckle : 316L Stainless Steel
  • Thickness (mm): 2.0mm 
  • Net Weight (gram): 46 grams 
  • Finish: Polished metal
  • Spring bar diameter: 1.78mm 
  • Adjustment type: 4 removable links-- pin type adjustment 
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (hollow end-links)