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Senator Bracelet (Seiko 5 SNXS)

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Uncle's notes

The SNXS line is a fantastic and inexpensive dress watch in the Seiko 5 line.  There are so many different dial designs and color options and it's hard to find a better watch for the price.  The bracelet, though, leaves a lot to be desired.

Never fear Seiko-holics, I've got your back!  After the Executive and Lincoln bracelets were so well-received, I decided to add a Senator.

Your favorite budget timepiece just got a whole lot better!

What's included

One Oyster-style bracelet, pair of end-links, one pair of 1.8mm spring bars.


  • Lug width to Buckle: 19mm to 16mm
  • Length: 172mm 
  • Min.length after adjusted : 109mm
  • Center link width: 8mm
  • Clasp : 316L Stainless Steel Milled Clasp 
  • Thickness: 3.8mm
  • Net Weight: 74 grams
  • Finish: All brushed
  • Spring bar diameter: 1.8mm 
  • Lug end style: Hollow Curved End
  • Removable links: 6 
  • Adjustment type: Pressure Pins (3 micro-adjustments)
  • Material : 316L Stainless Steel, all solid links (hollow end links)

Compatible Models

Seiko SNXS 19mm models
Seiko 5Y66-0AA0
Seiko 7T32 Chronograph
Seiko SBQL003
Seiko SNXS79J1
Grand Seiko SBGX063
Seiko SNXF05
Seiko SNK401J1
Seiko SNK403J1
Seiko SNKH15J1
Seiko SNKH17J1
Seiko SNKH19J1

Seiko SNKH31J1
Seiko SNKH32J1
Seiko SNKH34J1
Seiko SNKH35J1
Seiko SNKH37J1
Seiko SNKH38J1
Seiko SNKH39J1
Seiko SNKH41J1
Seiko SNKH43J1
Seiko SNKH45J1
Seiko SNKH46J1
Seiko SNX447K1
Seiko SNX799K1
Seiko SNX801K1
Seiko SNX803K1
Seiko SNX805K1
Seiko SNX807K1
Seiko SNX809K1
Seiko SNXF01K1
Seiko SNXF03K1
Seiko SNXF05K1
Seiko SNXF07K1
Seiko SNXF09H1

Seiko SNXF11H1
Seiko SNXG47K1
Seiko SNXG49K1
Seiko SNXG51K1
Seiko SNXG53K1
Seiko SNXG55H1
Seiko SNXG57K1
Seiko SNXG59K1
Seiko SNXG61K1
Seiko SNXL70J1
Seiko SNXL72J1
Seiko SNXL85K1
Seiko SNXL87K1
Seiko SNXL89K1
Seiko SNXQ58J1
Seiko SNXS73J1
Seiko SNXS75J1
Seiko SNXS77J1
Seiko SNXS79J1
Seiko SNXS80J1
Seiko SNXS81J1
Seiko SNXU18J1
Seiko SNXU18J5
Seiko SNXW79K1

Seiko SNXW81K1
Seiko SNXX93K1