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The Classic GL831 Rubber Diver Strap (19/20/21/22mm)




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Arguably the greatest (and most comfortable) diver strap Seiko ever made was the GL-831. It was the stock strap that came with the 6306 and 6309 divers, as well as H558 "Arnie" and the 7548 quartz diver, among others. Fans have been raving about them for decades. Today they are hard to find because many got stiff over the years and began to crack in all the wrong places.

It has been my dream to recreate this iconic strap and make it as close to the original as possible. I believe I have met this challenge, with a couple of minor changes. I made it slightly thinner and more flexible (like the original gets when exposed to warm temperatures).

It measures approximately 78mm x 130mm, so it is not absurdly long like many of today's rubber straps. Compatible with most 22mm diver watches. 

If you are one of those guys who likes to wear a tight strap, you need to get this one! No breaking-in time necessary. If you like a daily wearer and have been looking for a comfortable strap that has the classic diver look, you have found it.

What length should I get?

If you are under 7 inches (18cm) then go with the shorter version. Someone right at 7" (like myself) could choose either, it just depends on how much "tail" you want extended past the keeper. 

What's included

One rubber strap, one pair of 2.5mm spring bars, one (bead-blasted buckle).

If you are buying this for the Seiko 5 SRPD or if you plan to wear this strap on a non-diver watch, please request the custom spring bars when you checkout. 


  • 22mm STANDARD: 78mm x 130mm
  • 21/22mm SHORT: 74mm x 124mm
  • 20mm STANDARD 78mm x 128mm
  • 20mm SHORT 70mm x 120mm

You can also purchase black hardware that is compatible with this strap. 

Please note: For 21mm straps, 20mm bars with be included as I don't carry that size. 


"Honestly....I need like 10 of these" --@vanquish_

"This may be your best rubber to date" -- Brian, TX

"About as perfect as a thing can be in an imperfect world" --Saul, FL